Hello! Thanks for visiting! I’m Heather!

I’m a primary school teacher with a love for all things arty! I have a little bit of time to spare this year and was in need of a project! This blog is an attempt at putting all my boxes of art samples, photographed student work, notebooks filled with scribbled ideas and files upon files of art lessons that I’ve collected over the years into some sort of order! I love the idea of being able to share it all far and wide and hope that my blog can be helpful, useful and a source of inspiration to you!

I live in Sydney, Australia, with husband Cal, and two gorgeous daughters, Meg (5) and Josie (3). Joining in the fun is our dog Molly (she’s a totally neurotic and completely lovable golden retriever), and three chickens (Aurora, Cinderella and Snow White)!

I have a very patient husband. Happiness in our home is so often created by spontaneous messy art activities and projects, whilst the housework quietly waits in the background. My daughters are always eager and enthusiastic accomplices. It’s happy mess! Hence the name of my blog.

My love for creativity and the visual arts has seen me study, teach, create, exhibit & sell art, attend an enormous amount of art workshops and complete postgraduate study in children’s art. Along the way, I have collected so much knowledge and experience, as well as an enormous amount of ideas that I still want to try! The thought of sorting through all of this is an exciting prospect for me and it got me wondering how I could share it. So here I am! I’m hopeful that eventually I’ll be able to offer not just the ideas, but also lesson plans, curriculum programming and resource materials to support them.

Some of you may share the whole journey with me, some of you may just pop in and out and pick up an idea or two here or there. However you connect with my project, I hope the featured artwork of little fingers brings a smile to your face and gets you feeling inspired and creative!

Happy Mess Making!


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