Swipe Art!

This is SO easy, SO fun, SO fast and the results are always great! All you need is paper, paint and some old business/credit cards (or cardboard offcuts around that size). Josie and I had a bit of fun revisiting this as I didn’t have any photos of doing it in class. Fabulous for exploring colour mixing and you could look at the work of Michael Adamson if you wanted to show some inspiration pieces.

Randomly blob some paint on paper. We used a minimum of three colours, plus white and/or black. You don’t need to use a lot… Josie was a bit over-enthusiastic!

Then comes the fun part… swipe the ‘credit card’ by dragging the edge from top to bottom and side to side. (Josie, being three, was a little more creative with this step and just went for it!).

Keep going until the whole space is covered… and try hard to not overdo it! Knowing when to stop is really important otherwise you lose the effect, so in class I use a 1 minute timer for this! Less is more!

The results…

SO great as painted paper to cut, collage and border with, or to use as a background, and amazingly effective on large scale canvases. Maybe a cool/warm colour study? Or a seasons series? Just gorgeous! Will add some more pics when I do this again in class!

Happy Mess Making!


14 thoughts on “Swipe Art!

  1. Love the results! And so simple, even a non-art specialist like me could do it! Can’t wait to try this out with my little Angel and Nate! Ps – I would buy a canvas like the finished ones you’ve shown! Great stuff!

    • Hi Ruth! To be honest, I just used whatever was lying around! Although, if it helps, I find that as long as you stay true to shades that you love individually, then you will always be happy with the overall mix. Have fun playing! H

    • Hi Sam! I would stay with the same technique but use bigger blobs of paint and, depending on the size of the canvas, swap the credit card for a ruler, a squeegie (window cleaner) or even just a large piece of heavy cardboard. You might also have to be careful to not put too much downward pressure on the canvas as it will have some give. Love to see what you come up with! Good luck! H

  2. What a great idea! Wondering what type of paint you used and, if doing it on canvas what type of paint you would suggest.

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