Uluru and Kata Tjuta

I saw this cool/warm colour theory lesson created by Patty over at Deep Space Sparkle and it instantly struck me that it would be perfect to use to create artworks of Ayers Rock and The Olgas in outback Australia. So that’s what we did! Thanks, Patty! Your ideas are always SO fabulous!

Students looked at images of The Olgas and Ayers Rock first and we talked mainly about shape and colour.

Then we took a piece of black paper (although if you intend on spraying them when finished, my tip would be to use white paper underneath and not black as the colours hold better) and a black oil pastel, chose how to orient the paper and drew in some gentle sloping ground to create the desert.

After that, students continued drawing and chose between representing Ayers Rock (Uluru) and The Olgas (Kata Tjuta) which are both significant landmarks of Australia and sacred to our Indigenous Australians.

Then we added the concentric circles to the sky.

We then selected warm coloured chalk pastels to use for the land and cool coloured chalk pastels for the sky.

After blending with our  fingertips to make sure all the paper had been covered we lifted the paper and gave it a gentle tap on the table to remove excess chalk. It helps to do this twice, once after completing the warm colours and again after the cool colours.

The final step was to go over the lines again in black oil pastel and students could add  white highlights if they wished.

The results were so stunning and SO much better than a previous Uluru art lesson I did which ended up as a bit of a messy smudgefest! Defining the areas with oil pastel makes SUCH a difference!

Happy Mess Making!


2 thoughts on “Uluru and Kata Tjuta

  1. Love the simplicity of your designs here. The white highlights add a nice dimension too…
    I’ve really enjoyed exploring your blog, and will be following with interest.

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