Family Portraits

These delightful family portraits were done with my kindergarten class last year. A lovely colleague of mine, Cheralyn, shared an idea for creating the background which just makes the portraits burst with colour and happiness! We used enormous A2 paper for these so the effect of them all displayed together was huge!

We started off by just talking about who was in our family. Then about what they looked like and what features they had. Who is the youngest? tallest? etc.

Then we set to work with just a lead pencil, trying to think carefully about drawing BIG, pressing firmly and including each person’s special features.

After the pencil outlines were complete, the students added colour using oil pastels. They could retrace their lead pencil lines if they were worried about losing any features under the pastel!

Then came the fun part…

We used mop brushes and containers of edicol dye in red, yellow, blue and green and plopped puddles of colour all over the page. They were so delighted as the colours swirled and mixed to create new colours (next time I’ll just use the primary colours to grab that colour theory teaching moment!). Some students were more adventurous than others, and some chose just to use one colour, but they all simply burst with pride and couldn’t WAIT to take these beautiful artworks home! Enjoy!

Happy Mess Making!


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