So Tweet!

I love birds! We have some on our hallway table (not real ones!) which were the inspiration behind this little art project!

Meg is just at the stage of loving directed line drawing, so we grabbed some art paper and a sharpie marker and got busy!

We drew a ‘U’ shape first, connected it at the top and then drew a smaller ‘U’ inside for the wing and connected it at the top too.

A simple dot for an eye, a triangle for a beak, simple stick legs and some tail feathers completed the picture. SO cute!

Like all kindergarten students, Meg wanted to draw another and another, and another! Each time, she got more adventurous and experimented with changing the eyes, tail feathers, head shape, adding patterns and backgrounds.

We then broke out the watercolours and she experimented with different colour combinations on the birds and painted in a background on some.

Others were cut out and pasted onto patterned paper that Meg and Josie had created on the computer and printed out (though any sort of coloured paper, scrapbooking paper, brenex or painted paper scraps would work beautifully as an alternative).

Would make a lovely class activity to welcome spring!



Happy Mess Making!


One thought on “So Tweet!

  1. We’ve got lots of those magpies around our garden!!
    ….. it must be spring, they’ve all got nests!!

    – great work!!

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