Mini Monets

This was an idea I got from my beautiful friend Debs, who got it from another lovely friend, Judy, who got it from… somewhere! Thanks to whoever came up with it! It is so incredibly simple, great for teaching colour theory and the results are amazing!

After looking at some of Monet’s paintings of the Garden at Giverny, each student needs a small dollop of red, yellow, blue and white acrylic paint (on scrap pieces of cardboard boxes for easy clean up!) and a piece of paper or canvas board. We used A5 to be finished in under 30mins but you could use a larger piece if you had more time to spend.

Using the index and middle finger of their preferred hand, students ‘bunny hop’ into a coloured blob of paint, then into the white and then bunny hop their fingers slowly on their blank page or canvas starting at the bottom left and working across the page.

As their fingers press onto the page, the colours blend so beautifully! Get them to reload with the other colours, and encourage them to experiment with two colours and then the white. As they slowly work across and upwards to fill the page, a beautiful garden begins to emerge.

Sometimes they like to work in one particular area which is fine, but hopping all over the page tends to produce not quite as effective a result!

These were done by my 5yr old daughter, Meg! Aren’t they just gorgeous!

…and this one by my Little Miss 3, Josie!

Would love to try this idea on a large scale canvas…

Happy mess making!


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