Kandinsky Circles Class Project

Heading into my daughter’s kindergarten classroom to create a whole class artwork for  a school fundraising auction was one of those magical affirming moments. I love teaching. I especially love art lessons! The happiness that comes from watching little fingers making and creating artworks is just too wonderful not to share!

There are an enormous amount of lessons around that are based on Kandinsky’s ‘Squares and Concentric Circles’. This one is my own version.

After looking at Kandinsky’s painting, I gave every student three pieces of paper (20cm x 20cm, 10cm x 20cm & 10cm x 10 cm).

Using pan watercolours, the students warmed up by painting various coloured lines on the rectangular piece of paper, trying to make their lines just touch or slightly overlap. (They all learnt to chant “dip dip dip, swish swish swish, wipe, wipe wipe”  to help them to remember to clean their brushes properly so the colours weren’t muddy).

Then they used the biggest square piece of paper and started by painting a small circle in the centre. They could use their index finger to rub the paint into a circle if they found this a bit tricky. Then they changed colour to paint another circle around the first one and then so on and so on until they couldn’t fit another circle in.

They could paint the remaining space in a single background colour or experiment with different colours in the corners.

Switching to a smaller brush and brimming with confidence they embarked on their smallest piece of paper to create a smaller version of the circles. They were finished in under 30mins… and their work is just so beautiful!

I pasted them all onto a large canvas with pva glue. 2 more coats of pva over the top when it was dry made it really glossy.

Such a vibrant, happy artwork! Love it!

I’d love to try this again with concentric squares and rectangles!

Also, while I was ‘squiggling’ the pva glue on, it occurred to me that white, black, or metallic paint would look great over the top! Must try that!

And how cool would it be to do with ceramic paint on tiles for a fun addition to a school bathroom or wet area!

We also used the same concentric circle painting idea to make these lovely rainbow mobiles out of paper plates…

Paint the circles on the back of the plate and allow to dry. (We used watercolours and they dried super fast). Fold in half and staple together. Hole punch at the top and hang with thread or string. TOO easy!

… and I just had a thought about adding some clouds with cotton wool balls or round make up remover wipes… hmmm…

Happy Mess Making!


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